2017 Texas Grade Championships - South

Saturday, November 04, 2017 - Sunday, November 05, 2017

Hosted by Eduardo Rios

  • Texas A&M University, Kingsville
  • Student Union Bldg
  • 1505 W. Santa Gertrudis
  • Kingsville, Texas 78363
More info coming soon to the Region VII website.

You are invited to participate in the First Annual Southern Texas K-6th Grade Championships and the First Annual Southern Texas 7-12th Grade Championships. All sections are a 6 Rounds Swiss System Chess Tournament (no elimination).

Event Flyer


November 3-4-5 2017


Texas A & M University at Kingsville Student Union Bldg. 1505 W. Santa Gertrudis, Kingsville, TX second floor above student union


Grade - based sections are open to TX residents and Texas schools only. 14 separate tournaments, one per grade (K-12). USCF membership required. Must not expire before November 20, 2017.

Open tournament (rated) - open to anyone wishing to play. USCF membership required. Must not expire before November 20, 2017.

Open tournament (not rated) - open to anyone wishing to play. NO USCF membership required.

Total registration count limited to first 500 entries. Chief’s decision is final. TD may cut rounds or combine sections as needed for pairing. Accelerated pairings as needed. Swiss Sys used

Sets provided, please bring clocks if you have them. No Smoking, No Computers, Wheelchair accessible, rule 11h1 will be observed as well as all other US Chess rules. Notation required for 4th grade up. No electronic devices unless approved by USCF or Chief.

Registration & Entries:

Advance Registration: Mail in your registration form and submit your payment.
Onsite Registration: Friday, November 3, 2017, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm; Saturday November 4th, 8 am to 9:30 am
Onsite registration will receive a one-half point bye for first round.

Scholastic, grade based sections: $40 (if postmarked by 10/29 - Do not mail after October 25, 2017, as your entry may not be received on time.); $60 for incomplete entries with payment received after 10/25 or onsite.
Open: $20
Open (section not rated): $10

Email entries to: Eddie Rios, riose@nwcable.net. Send entries to Eddie Rios- 213 E. Fairview Dr.—Kingsville, TX 78363; Entry must include Full Name, current USCF ID (or include membership fee to us chess), grade, current address, age, dob, Exp. date. Incomplete entries will be charged as on- site entry fee. Payment must accompany entry. Make check payable to Eddie Rios. Every player must play in their own grade level. Cutoff for advance entry registration is Oct. 29, 2017 at 5 pm. Questions? Call (361)455-3682 or e-mail.

Refunds granted for all withdrawal requests received before November 1.

Rounds: Sat. (G/45) 10-12:30-2:30-4:30. Sun. rds (G/60) 10-1. First requested or onsite bye receives one-half point; any other requested byes will be zero point.
Open Non-rated/Non-member section: Sat. 10 am. 4 rd, game 60/d5.
Open rated section: Sat. 10 am. 4 rd, game 60/d5.


Scholastic Grade-based sections - Trophies first to fifth, medals 6 to 10th
Open rated section - Trophies first to fifth, medals 6 - 10th next 5 medals.
Open Non-rated/Non-member sectino - Trophies first to third, medals 4 - 8th next 5 medals.

Side Events:

Blitz Chess: 5-SS Rated Blitz (G/05) tourney Friday, November 3rd, 8 pm $EF $10. Top 3 Trophy prizes.

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