2nd Annual Austin-San Antonio ShootOut

Sunday, February 12, 2012

8:00:00 PM

Austin wins the 2012 ShootOut!

Thanks to all 40 players (20 representing Austin and 20 representing San Antonio) who traveled to San Marcos on Sunday, February 12th for the 2nd Annual Austin-San Antonio ShootOut. This year's event was held at Wake The Dead Coffee House in San Marcos. Space was a bit tight, but the price was right. We thank the Coffee House and owner Julie Balkman for her hospitality!

The teams were evenly matched this year with average ratings of 1956 (Austin) and 1955 (San Antonio). The Austin team was lead by captain Josh Newsham, and San Antonio was lead by team captain Gregg Stanley.

Austin took a 3 point lead after the first round, 11-1/2 to 8-1/2. The 2nd round also went to Austin, 12-7. For results by player, please visit USCF's website for the tournament rating report.

Plans have already been discussed for next year's ShootOut! We hope you can join us!